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Transmission Repairs

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Car Transmissions: Basic Information and Maintenance Tips


The transmission is an important but often overlooked component of any automobile. In this blog post, we’ll cover what transmissions do, how to keep it maintained, and some of the most common problems that occur when transmissions break down. Whether you’re a car lover or just want to learn more about them, this blog post is for you!

A transmission is a system that transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. It’s an important element of your vehicle’s overall performance. Automatic and manual transmissions are divided into two categories: those utilizing fluid pressure to change gears, and those changed manually using a clutch and gearshift.

The purpose of a transmission is to ensure that the engine’s output always meets the speed and load conditions. For example, if you’re driving up an incline, the gears will shift in order to help maintain a constant velocity.

The majority of transmissions also have universal or constant velocity joints which attach the driveshaftto various parts of the car in order to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. These sockets enable movement as they let the driveshaftflex over bumps or while making turns.

Transmission problems are unfortunately quite common, and almost always caused by either leaks or slipping. Seals, gaskets, and lines can all weaken with time and cause leaks, while clutch issues or fluid pressure imbalances usually result in slipping.

If your car starts making funny noises or smells bad though, take it in to get serviced right away! These could be signs of more serious damage like broken gears or worn bearings.

Properly maintaining your automobile is key to keeping it running well for years to come. Check regularly for leaks, and if you notice any strange noises or smells, take it to a mechanic right away. A little attention will go a long way towards prolonging the life of your transmission!

Here at Autotech, we specialize in transmission repair and maintenance. To book an appointment with us, simply give us a call now. We’ll have your car running like new again in no time!