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How Important is the Ignition System for your Car and How we can Help Maintain it?

ignition system

The ignition system provides the spark that starts the car by igniting the air/fuel mixture in the engine’s cylinders. This movement then drives the pistons and allows for motion.

The ignition system is vital to a vehicle’s function, but typical wear and tear can cause major problems over time. In this article we explore how the ignition system works as well as what might go wrong with it after extended periods of use.

The ignition system uses spark plugs that require electricity to function. The source of this power is the ignition coil, which receives energy from the battery as well as input from the ignition switch. When you start your car, a message is sent to the Ignition Control Module (ICM).

The ICM causes the coil to generate a high-voltage spark. This spark passes through the electrode on the spark plug and into the ashtray, which serves as a makeshift combustion chamber. Here, it ignites the air/fuel mixture and starts the engine.

Any part of the ignition system may degrade with time and use. The most common problem is misfiring, caused by damaged spark plugs or an Ignition Control Module. Misfiring can reduce engine performance, lowers fuel efficiency, and cause damage to the engine.

By avoiding this problem now, you might be unpleasantly surprised by a more costly repair bill later. At AutoTech Hi, we have the experience and ability to rapidly diagnose and repair any ignition system problems you may have. So if your car is giving you trouble starting up or if you need any other maintenance services, bring it in to us and we’ll get you back on track promptly!

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